This week’s episode introduced us to a Furis Rubian, a Wesen with a remarkable likeness to traditional depictions of Satan, Rosalee came face-to-face with Eve for the first time, Adalind almost confided in Nick, and Eve moved forward with her plan to find what Renard knows about Black Claw. In short, lots to talk about!

Listen as Liz, Reuben and I discuss the following:

  1. Adalind almost tells Nick, confesses she doesn’t trust Renard
  2. the Wesen of the Week
  3. Eve as Renard and that sex scene
  4. Wu’s ailment
  5. The latest on the “magic stick”
  6. Favorite lines/scenes

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Memorable Lines:

I’m just the messenger, and not from on high! – Wu

So, are we going to vote for him? – Renard

I think you better have a come to Grimm talk with him – Rosalee

You thinking of smokin’ that hat again? – Hank
Yes. -Eve

Not Adalind… Sean Renard – Eve
I’m sorry, is that even possible? You’re like…so not as tall…and he’s got other anatomical…
– Monroe
It hurts. – Eve

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