Nothing like a good cautionary tale about vanity – many people what to be beautiful and look younger than their years, but at what cost? Add a gross factor and some humor along with a small but intense bit of the Black Claw mythology and you have the makings of an entertaining episode!

This week, Liz, Rueben, and I discuss:

  • The Wesen of the Week and the commentary it presents on our society
  • Rosalee’s undercover mission
  • The implications of Renard becoming mayor and leaving the police force
  • Eve’s new investigative tactic
  • Our favorite scenes

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Memorable Quotes:

Well, not in a normal “no way”… – Wu

Oh, well there’s a happy ending! – Monroe

Since when is beauty a talent? – Monroe

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  1. Enjoyable podcast. I mute all Nadalind scenes, but I am looking forward to meeting Diana. I read that she’s 12, or around that age.

    Do you think Adalind will join Renard on the campaign trail?

  2. I’m not sure what Adalind is going to do. I’d like to think that Hexenbiest or not, she’s going to stay with Kelly, but we know that she desperately wants Diana back, too. She definitely won’t be able to join Renard without really blowing things with Nick, unless she comes clean with him.