Grimm 5.17  Inugami

This week we finally got the much anticipated meet up of Eve and Adalind, saw some of the results of Eve’s undercover (and under the sheets) work, and learned about an old Japanese Wesen ritual/tradition.

Reuben, Liz, and I share our thoughts on the following topics in this week’s podcast:

  • The latest on The Tunnel
  • Eve’s meetings with both Nick and Adalind
  • Wut’s up with Wu?
  • Diana!
  • The Wesen of the Week

Memorable Quotes:

Eve slept with Rachel? – Monroe
…well, I wonder what that was like? – Rosalee

I am *not* spending the night down here…and I have to pee! – Rosalee

…if you hurt Nick, I will come for you…I like the new place – Eve


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  1. This was an EXCELLENT podcast! I actually tuned in thinking the Eve/Addie confrontation would be bigger, but all in all, I liked the show. I think Wu will become a werewolf, which only leaves Hank as the sole human now, right?

    Maybe Meisner is a double agent?

    • Thanks, Lianne! The idea of Meisner being a double agent has crossed my mind as well. We’ll see!