GRIMM PODCAST: Good to the Bone

GRIMM PODCAST: Good to the Bone

This week’s Grimm episode, Good to the Bone, once again upped the “eww” factor with some super-long tongues and bone-crunching sound effects. We also got a few more tantalizing bits of mythology. Overall, we all enjoyed this episode and promise you a particularly punchy podcast!

Join Liz, Reuben, and I as we discuss:

  1. Hank’s Wesen GF returning to the scene – is it a coincidence that this happens now? Could she be Black Claw?
  2. Eve and Rosalee’s discussion
  3. Diana, Black Claw and the Resistance – WTH is going on with this? Who actually had her? How would she recognize Renard and Adalind?
  4. Wesen of the Week – affectionately nicknamed “Bird Dude”
  5. Wu – why doesn’t he tell Nick and why did Bird Dude go for him if he wasn’t dying?
  6. Favorite lines/scenes

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Memorable Quotes:

Well, this guy got boned! – Nick

Someone took his wallet, keys, phone…and bones – Wu

I saw a guy who looked like he went through a windshield. – Pinkie
Is this the guy? – Hank and Nick
Maybe, if you put him through a windshield. – Pinkie

So, somehow he regurgitated his entire skeletal structure out of his mouth? – Nick

[the smell is] no worse than certain cheeses – Rosalee

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  1. I didn’t watch the episode (I hate Nadalind), but I got a clear idea of what happened from listening to your podcast! Thanks. Always enjoyable to listen to.

  2. We’re glad that you enjoyed it! We had a good time recording it!