GRIMM PODCAST: Silence of the Slams

GRIMM PODCAST: Silence of the Slams

This week’s Grimm took us back into the Wesen of the Week storylines and into the world of Lucha Libre, or Mexican wrestling. Turns out among Wesen, there can be more to the colorful masks the wrestlers wear than meets the eye. H.W. (or at least Eve) found out about Renard’s offer from Black Claw, and Adalind was made an offer that she may not be able to refuse.

Liz, Rueben and I discuss the following talking points in this week’s podcast

  • The “special” wrestling mask and why signing a contact in blood and then not listening to the person who made you sign it is a bad idea
  • Eve’s new mission and her meeting with Renard
  • Whether Renard and/or Adalind will join Black Claw to try to get Diana back and where is/who has Diana anyway
  • What all this, plus the fact that Nick and Adalind are now keeping big secrets from each other, bodes for their developing relationship
  • The future of the show, which has not been renewed for season 6 yet (although there is plenty more time for this to happen!)

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  1. Enjoyed listening. I catch up on the show by listening to your podcast because I am currently not watching the show, so this helps me stay up to date! Thanks. Look forward to more listening!