GRIMM PODCAST: Roundtable Discussion of “Key Move”

GRIMM PODCAST: Roundtable Discussion of “Key Move”

This week’s Grimm is the 99th episode and what a ride! We are careening toward that 100th episode with so much information and so many puzzles solved, and so much more intrigue. The writers are really giving the fans a ton to talk about, and we do on our new podcast for “Key Move”.


  • Nick and Adalind – what are the odds that she doesn’t turn evil again after all this lead up?
  • The assassin – the Renard and Black Claw plots finally come together.
  • Who was the Assasin’s real target – Renard or Dixon? If Renard, then why shoot Dixon? What is reason for killing Renard?
  • The Key Map and Nick and Monroe’s Bro Trip.
  • No way I’d go into the black forest at night when I don’t even know what I’m looking for!


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Feature image: Scott Green/NBC.

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Liz is a wife and mother of three from the Clarksville, TN area who likes being able to discuss her favorite TV shows with adults sometimes. She is addicted to the fairy tale themed TV shows that are so popular recently, such as Grimm, Once Upon a Time and Sleepy Hollow. Contact her at


  1. Ok, I gave in and watched this episode. I ff’d and put the Yuckalind scenes in mute, but really enjoyed the episode otherwise. You mentioned Buffy. I didn’t watch that show. What is the reference to that in relation to Yuckalind?

    I predict Renard will become part of Black Claw, now that Dixon is dead.

    I miss Nick/Monroe scenes. Glad I got to see that.

    Hoping ep 100 will release the beast in Adalind.

  2. Oh Lord, can y’ll just let it go and get over the fact Nick and Adalind are cute together? Beast or no beast, she’s the mother of Nick’s child, I agree with your prediction on Renard, he’s DEFINITELY going down the dark path…I really don’t wanna see trubel live, Monroe/Nick scenes were great…