GRIMM PODCAST: Episode 100 – Into the Schwarzwald

GRIMM PODCAST: Episode 100 – Into the Schwarzwald

This was the episode – the 100th episode – that is considered a real milestone in television. It’s customary for the cast and crew to have a party, complete with a cake and judging by the pictures online,  a great time was had by all at the celebration. This week the fans finally got to join in the fun and the 100th episode itself didn’t disappoint with one story line (the keys) wrapped up but several more just getting started!

When we last left Team Grimm, Nick and Monroe had just fallen through a pit in the middle of the Black Forest, Eve was on the trail of Marwan, a Wesen assassin, and Renard had just survived a potential assassination attempt. This episode picked up right where that one left off, giving us plenty of stuff to talk about!

This week, Rueben and I discuss:

1)      The blast from Rosalee’s past
2)      Adalind’s got her mojo back
3)      Monroe and Nick’s adventures
4)      Renard’s somewhat indecent proposal
5)      THE STICK

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  1. Considering that the 7 knights were from the fourth crusades, could the stick be a fragment from the spear of destiny, the cross Jesus was crucified on, or one of the spikes that held Jesus on the cross?

    Maybe the show won’t go that deep into religion, but with the origins of the grimm they’re already partly there.