GRIMM PODCAST: Map of The Seven Knights

GRIMM PODCAST: Map of The Seven Knights

Watching this episode, it seemed like the Grimm writers either have been listening to our podcasts, or had gotten into our heads as so many questions we had and issues we’d brought up lately were all addressed – what ever happened to the keys? Why does everyone seem to have forgotten how awkward the whole Nick and Adalind relationship is? How much did Trubel really know about what happened to Juliette? How could they have had Juliette burn down the trailer – that stuff is irreplaceable!?!

So maybe we’re not the only ones who have wondering about all this stuff, but it was still kind of a triumph to get so much of it in one episode! It was like when a stranger says EXACTLY what you’d just been thinking about and you bond over the shared experience.

Check out our podcast below as Liz and I discuss the following talking points:

  • Acknowledgement of what a messed up situation underlies Nick and Adalind’s relationship
  • The Grimm chest
  • The KEYS
  • Trubel and Eve’s little tête-à-tête
  • Looks like Team Grimm has thrown their lot in with H.W., even if they aren’t ready to admit it yet

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  1. Really enjoyed this episode. Sadly, I put Nick/Adalind scenes on mute now. I’m tired of their weird relationship, and the writers not making her accountable for the things she’s done. So, until i see her turn into a hexenbeist, I will just on the mute button for their scenes. Bring on the keys!

  2. I feel like they addressed the Nick/Adalind thing really well in this episode. We talked a lot about it in the podcast. Out of curiosity, how would you like the writers to make Adalind accountable?