GRIMM RECAP: Mishipeshu

GRIMM RECAP: Mishipeshu

4.18 Mishipeshu

Nothing like an awkward dinner party with Nick, Hank, Rosalee and Monroe as they attempt to avoid talking about Juliette, which lasts about 2 minutes as Nick is completely distraught because she’s stopped showing up for work and he can’t find her anywhere.

Meanwhile, Juliette is acting out in a big way, wogeing and making a scene at a bar.

The Wesen of the Week: A school janitor is killed by “some sort of animal” at a school that had some problems with bullying of a Native American student. The investigating officer is Deputy Farris, who we’ve met before in Highway of Tears. Said student, Simon, wakes up in the woods covered in blood. The Scooby Squad finds out that the student’s father was killed in front of him when he was 5 in a strange “road range” incident.

The investigation is interrupted by the news that one of the other precincts has Juliette in custody for assault. Nick goes to see her in lock up and tells her that he isn’t giving up on her. She basically throws it back in his face and admits that she’s rather drunk on her power and let herself be arrested just to see if he’d come to rescue her. Nick’s content to leave her in custody where she’s safe.

Deputy Farris’ husband is Native American and of the same tribe as Simon, so she takes them to talk to one of the tribe elders and find out that Simon is out in the woods on a coming-of-age spiritual journey where he fasts and stays awake for days on end to communicate with his “spiritual animal”, a tiger-looking thing with big horns. Unfortunately his spiritual animal apparently makes him kill people as another body is found.

Wu, Hank, and Nick link the two victims together – they ran in the same crowd. They identify a 3rd man in the same group as the next potential victim. They go to the man’s house just in time for him to get attacked. They interrupt the attack just in time and both Hank and Nick see the creature.

Monrosalee are determined to try to find a way to help Juliette, so they contact Renard for the book and the hat to see what they can do about reverse engineering the spell. Renard complies; he’s still having some weird visions, this time involving a $100 bill [yes, it was that inexplicable!] in a stranger’s wallet. Renard steals the wallet, then tells Wu he found it and asks that it be returned to the owner.

Nick, Farris, and Hank go back to the tribal elder and describe what they saw – it is a Mishipeshu (“horned water serpent panther”), which by legion lives in Lake Superior (which, of course, is nowhere near Oregon). They agree to participate in a “dream world” ritual. Hank drinks the offered beverage and finds himself transported into Simon’s memory on the day his father was killed – the three victims were the men who killed his dad.

Hank, still in his dream state, leaves the sweat lodge and runs off into the woods, still thinking he’s Simon. The tribal elder suspects that Hank and Simon can be found at Simon’s father’s grave. Sure enough, they are both there, and the Mishipeshu moves from Simon’s body to Hank’s, then goes after the last of the murders again. Nick, Simon, and the tribal elder meet Hank at the man’s house and Nick and Hank fight and the elder manages to get the Mishipeshu to leave Hank’s body.

Simon confirms that the third man was one of the men who  killed his father, but without evidence, they can’t arrest him. Later that night, thought, the Mishipeshu comes back and kills the man. The creature changes back into human form – it’s Farris.

My Thoughts:

Kind of bummed that Juliette’s misbehavior was pretty much limited to what we saw in the teasers. I wonder how long she can act like this before she draws the attention of the Wesen council. Wogeing in a crowded bar is probably not a good idea. Nick won’t be able to keep her locked up forever. However, if anyone can find out how to help, it’s going to be Rosalee.

What the what is going on with Renard and the wallet? Why did he steal it, and why return it? And how does it connect to last week’s shirtless rage and bleeding wounds?

Thank goodness they didn’t actually make Hank Wesen as they suggested in the previews. I think Nick’s got enough problems these days. I’m feeling worse and worse for him with each passing episode.

Memorable Quotes:

I guess I’m just trying to be the best Hexenbiest I can – Juliette

Well, that’s sort of a plan – Hank

Reality is open to interpretation – tribal elder

What percentage of crime in Portland do you think is Wesen-related? – Wu

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