4.14 Bad Luck

This week’s episode started just where the last one left off – with Nick reeling at Juliette’s revelation that she’s now a hexenbiest. And *shockingly* he’s not happy that she 1) didn’t tell him right away 2) told Renard before him. (Frankly, I’m kind of surprised that she hasn’t told Rosalee!). He leaves the house for some alone time, with memories of his life with her juxtaposed with images of her “new look” running through his mind.

Meanwhile, in the Wesen of the Week storyline, a teenage boy, Peter, lies to his mother to sneak out on a school night to meet up with his girlfriend in the woods. In yet another cautionary tale about lying to one’s mother, the boy and his girlfriend hear noises before they can get too hot and heavy. They hear music, and the next thing the boy knows, he’s being chased by a tall man with a “really big-ass ax”. The man catches the boy, the boy woges into a rabbit-like Wesen (Peter Rabbit, ha!), and the man chops the boy’s foot off. The boy’s mother hears his scream and runs into the woods with a shotgun. She finds Peter, alone, but he bleeds to death before she can get help. Nick’s shock and self-loathing are interrupted by the call from the precinct about the boy’s death. They interview the mother, and she woges.

A little while later, a couple pull up to a creepy house in the woods. They meet the same man, who gives them the foot. They take it home, put it under their mattress, then proceed to get busy baby making.

The next morning, Nick (after sleeping on the couch), tells Juliette that he wants to see Henriette, so Juliette calls her and he goes to visit her alone because he refused to let her go with him. Henriette tells Nick that he can’t just fix Juliette with his blood because Adalind had his blood in her when she pretended to be Juliette to take away his powers. She tells him that he needs to either accept Juliette as she is, or kill her. She also warns him that until Juliette gets herself sorted out, he should stay away, and then demonstrates by using her powers to get him to kiss her and then telling him Juliette is even more powerful.

Back at the precinct, Wu has found some other similar cases in other cities and suggests that the feet must be some kind of token – like a lucky rabbit’s foot. They head to the trailer and find out that the Wesen are called Willehara. They are hunted by other Wesen called Leporem Venators – the feet are thought to promote fertility in couples that have previously been infertile.

Adalind meets with Renard, tells him that Victor isn’t going to stop until he finds Diana, and tries to appeal to him to work with her. She tells him about Juliette and he admits that he sent her to Henrietta. Adalind figures out that Nick must have gotten his powers back. Adalind tries to use her Hexenbiest skills to persuade Renard but he remains non-committal. She next goes to see Henriette and gets the shocking news that she’s pregnant. Even worse, the last person she was with was…Nick.

The mother and sister of the dead boy arrange for his cremation and then pack up to leave town. They stop at a roadside motel and the mother leaves the daughter to get some food. When she comes back, the daughter is gone – the creepy accordion guy has kidnapped her.

Nick calls Rosalee and Monroe and fills them in on the case. They are furious, and offer to go undercover at local Wesen fertility clinics. We get a nice scene of the two of them pondering what they’d be like as parents (foreshadowing?) and as they are leaving the clinic without any more info than when they came, the nurse stops them and offers them what they are looking for for $10,000. They agree to pay $15,000 for a rush to get a foot that night. They call Nick, who tells them to detain the nurse, so Rosalee punches her.

The nurse tells them the name of the last couple who she set up for this particular service, and Nick and Hank head to the couple’s house and find the foot under the mattress. They demand to know where they got it, and the terrified couple give them directions to the house in the woods. Nick and Hank go to the house, but it’s empty – the Leporem Venator got spooked before he could cut off the girls foot and dragged her off into the woods. Nick and Hank follow, find the man and fight him (and his ax). The man gets away and runs back to where he has tied the girl, but she has gotten loose and hits him with the stake that she was tied to. This gives time for Nick and Hank to catch up and Hank shoots the man in the chest, killing him.

Overall Thoughts:
Poor, poor Nick! Juliette doesn’t seem to be being very fair to him, especially as he hasn’t shown any signs that he’s not going to support her. She can’t expect that he is 100% okay with everything immediately. It took her longer than that to get used to his Grimmness, which I’d say is not quite as freaky as her Hexenbiestness. Maybe the ‘biest in her is making her untypically cruel.

There was a lot of “baby” in this episode! The Wesen of the Week plot gave us the opportunity to think of Monroe and Rosalee as parents (what would a hybrid Fuchsbau-Blutbad look like? How do hybrid Wesens work?) and let up to the episode’s final review (which wasn’t a surprise seeing as it was featured in every preview for the episode). Despite the lack of surprise, it’s still a deliciously complicating plot twist! One would assume that the Royals probably won’t want this baby, but how exactly will Nick handle this on top of the whole Juliette issue? I’m betting it is way too much to hope for that Adalind has the baby, then Nick and Juliette adopt it and raise it as theirs. 🙁

Speaking of Adalind, I wonder if she realizes that all of this – Juliette being a Hexenbiest, her pregnant with Nick’s baby – is totally all her fault. Part of me feels bad for her, part of me is glad she’s seeing consequences of her actions, but a bigger part of me feels really bad that most of those consequences seem to involve Nick and Juliette.

I’m also interested to see what ends up happening with Renard as the season wraps up. I really want to trust him, but I’m still not sure for which team he’s really playing.

Memorable Quotes:

I’ll hop right on it – Wu

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