GRIMM RECAP: Unleash the Biest

GRIMM RECAP: Unleash the Biest

Grimm 4.12 Marechaussee

A woman goes to a medium/communicator to talk to her late husband. To her surprise, the medium turns into a fox/wolf thing, and then seems to be channeling her husband. She pays them $1500 and leaves with the plan to come back the next week. It’s not going to happen, though, because they get another visitor – a Manticore – half lion, half scorpion, which promptly kills them both the medium and his wife.

Henrietta gives Juliette a lesson in how to woge and then takes a sample of her blood and mixes it with some chemicals in a flask to get a better idea of what’s going on with her. She sends Juliette home to await the results.

Wu, Hank, and Nick investigate the murder of the fortune tellers. Wu’s been studying up and he’s on top of things – it’s a Manticore. We find out that the Wesen Council is behind the deaths. They had a bounty out on the couple and sent the Manticore to take care of them.

Grimm - Season 4Renard finds out that Adalind and Victor are back in Portland and pays them a visit. Adalind still has an uneasy truce with Victor (she’s understandably still bitter about the whole dungeon-imprisonment) and has definitely not forgiven Sean for handing Diana over to Kelly Burkhardt. Renard tells them that he doesn’t know where Diana is, and he doesn’t have any way of finding out. He then warns Nick and Hank about Adalind and Victor

Monroe and Rosalee are back from their honeymoon and they aren’t home an hour before Nick, Wu and Hank come for a visit. They tell them about the Manticore and the fortune tellers’ deaths. Rosalee suspects that the couple were breaking Wesen Council laws, and the Manticore was a Marechaussee, a Wesen bounty hunter. She volunteers to call the Wesen Council to see if she can get more information, which turns out to be a bad idea because they tell her to stay out of it and stay away from Nick and they then decide that Nick has been a thorn in their side too long and put a bounty of 100,000 pounds on his head.

Nick calls Juliette and tells her about Adalind and Victor and she loses her cool and goes into biest mode, but manages to compose herself before she gets home. She makes several pointed comments to Nick about what she’s going to do to Adalind if she comes near, but Nick is totally oblivious, of course. He emails his mother a warning, and she sends a picture of Diana levitating some toys around her head.

Meanwhile, the Manticore kills a real jerk Wesen working as a pimp (doing society a favor in the process). From a cell phone at the scene, they get a fingerprint which leads them to the Manticore. He won’t woge, though, so they can’t prove he’s the Manticore. They lock him up and Nick warns the officer guarding him not to go near. Wu finds pictures of the victims on the man’s iPad, so at least they have proof that it’s the right guy. However, while they are doing all that, the guard goes to check on the Manticore and it kills him and escapes (like we didn’t see that coming a mile away!)

Henrietta’s little test of Juliette’s power has a surprising conclusion – it’s pretty much off the charts. The little experiment basically burned a hole to who-knows-where. Henrietta tells her that there is nothing that she can do. Juliette is very powerful and needs to learn to control it. Juliette stomps out of the house, nearly in tears.

Grimm - Season 4When she gets home, the Manticore is waiting for her. He tries to kill her, assuming she’s a normal human but she goes all biestmode on him and forces him to sting himself. Nick finds her on the couch, next to the body. She tells him that the Manticore “missed”. Nick vows to protect her, but she tells him that he can’t, she has to do it for herself.

The Wesen Council man finds out that the Manticore is dead and we get the idea that this doesn’t mean that Nick is safe.

Overall Thoughts:

I’ve said it before, but this new story arc with Juliette as a Hexenbiest, and apparently a mighty powerful one at that, is pure genius! It solves many problems – Juliette’s vulnerability to every Wesen who wants a piece of Nick, her relevance to the rest of the story – but also creates some obvious problems. Can a Hexenbiest and a Grimm have a relationship? How long will Juliette have to go before she can tell her secret, if not to Nick, at least to Rosalee (obviously at least Adalind is going to find out next week!).  The story gives Bitsie Tulloch lots to work with, and it’s obvious the enthusiasm with which she is embracing Juliette’s new identity.

Although Juliette’s transformation is the big story, Wu’s transformation has also been very entertaining as he embraces his new-found perspective on the world and forgoes sleep and heathy eating to spend his nights in the trailer, eating fast food and becoming a walking Wesen encyclopedia (and actual Wesen encyclopedia would be helpful for these recaps!).

It also looks like as things are soon to come to a head with Adalind-Juliette, we’re also going to see Nick have to tangle with the Wesen Council. They’ve co-existed now for 4 years, but Nick keeps pushing their buttons and Rosalee and Monroe may also find themselves in the line of fire (AGAIN! no good deed goes unpunished!)

Burning Questions:

So maybe I’ve spent a little bit too much time thinking about Juliette and Nick’s sex life…but… what exactly happens if they sleep together now? Will Nick lose his powers? Or does Juliette have to want him to lose his powers like Adalind did? And can’t they just take away Juliette’s powers with Nick’s blood, or doesn’t it work that way when that’s what got Juliette in this whole situation in the first place?

Memorable Quotes:

Right now you’re like a 5 year old with a loaded gun – Henrietta

If the fortune tellers were any good, they would have seen this coming – Nick

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