GRIMM RECAP: Too Hot to Handle

GRIMM RECAP: Too Hot to Handle

GRIMM 4.13 Trial By Fire

Hank, Wu, and Nick investigate the deaths of two teenage employees of a sporting goods store. They had been drinking after the store closed and got caught in the inferno when a Wesen who can turn himself into a fireball (an Excandesco) torches the store. Not surprisingly, the path that the fire took through the store was a bit unusual, almost as if it had a mind of its own…

The owner and his son’s alibis check out, but the place was insured for 5 mil and the owners had just declared bankruptcy. Wu finds that the fire was similar to previous cases that had been investigated by another officer – Peter Orson, the Bauerschwein that Nick arrested after he killed Monroe’s friend Hap. Hank and Nick go to visit the officer in prison and he agrees to help them.

Capt Renard’s investigator has gathered more information on Kelly Burkhardt. He tracks down Juliette’s truck that she left Portland in and finds out that she sold it. The man then passes similar information on to Victor. Adalind is very impatient to confront Juliette and practice her “diplomacy”

We learn that the store owner’s lawyer was involved in hiring the Excandesco. The lawyer tells him that he needs to clean up loose ends but the fireman retaliates by incinerating the lawyer and his car.

Nick, Hank, and Peter figure out that the fire was started by an Excandesco and they figure they need to douse the guy in a fire-retardant to prevent him from burning to stop him. They go to Rosalee for help, but Monroe shows up unexpectedly and Peter and Monroe are at each other’s throats. Rosalee intercedes – she’s tired of hate and tells Monroe she is going to help them solve the kid’s murders with or without him. Monroe cools off and then comes back to help.

It turns out that the store owner’s son had hired the fireguy to burn down the store for the insurance money and the teenagers were accidental collateral damage. Wu manages to find a link between the Excandesco and the lawyer in previous arson case files. They realize that the man is eliminating loose ends and they worry that the store owner is next.

Grimm - Season 4Sure enough, the man calls the owner and pretends to be a cop to get him to meet him at the burned out store. His son calls him and confesses to hiring the Excandesco but his father kind of shrugs it off and tells him to meet him at the store to talk with the cop. At the store, the Excandesco ties up the store owner and prepares to burn him.

Nick and Hank intercept the son, and he tells him that he’s meeting with his dad and a cop. They realize that it is the suspect and rush to the store. Orson confronts him while everyone else gets ready outside. Rosalee and Monroe devised a concoction that they can spray on the fireguy with SuperSoakers (yes, yes, yes!). Nick lures Barstow outside and they hose him down with green goo from the water guns, in a scene quite reminiscent of Ghostbusters.

Covered in green goo, the guy spontaneously combusts in front of them. Wu decides that his report will say that the man had a bomb strapped to his chest. Monroe and Orson declare a truce. Nick and Hank return Orson to prison and a water gun to the trailer weapon’s cabinet.

Meanwhile, Adalind stakes out Nick and Juliette’s place and once she is sure Juliette is home alone, she goes to the door. Juliette locks the door and goes to call Nick, but Adalind gets through the door anyway. The two argue about Diana and Adalind tries to get Juliette to leave with her. Juliette refuses and Adalind woges, then Juliette woges and the two fight, destroying the house as they go in a pretty awesome fight (flying knives! shattering staircases! many broken lamps!).

Juliette gets the best of Adalind and she runs for her life, throwing a temper tantrum as soon as she is safely inside her car. Nick arrives home to find the house trashed and Juliette sitting on the couch in a bit of a daze, bleeding from some cuts on her face. She tells him that Adalind came. He vows to kill her andshe tells him that she almost did. He assumes that she shot her, but she tells him that she doesn’t need her gun.

Grimm - Season 4She finally tells Nick that she has something to show him. She pauses, he encourages her. She tells him she loves him and then woges as he watches shocked.

Overall Thoughts:

So happy that Nick finally knows what is going on with Juliette and I’m really excited to see where this plot line goes next. Also interesting that Adalind still thinks Nick isn’t a Grimm, that could certainly work to Nick and Juliette’s advantage as obviously Adalind is going to be trying to find ways to best (one could say outbiest) Juliette. The actual fight, despite being widely hyped, didn’t prove disappointing. The dialogue was sharp and the acting great. Claire Coffee is so good at being bad (and surprisingly likeable even while doing so) and Bitsie Tulloch seemed to relish finally getting the opportunity to be “bad” as well.

The scene at the end with Nick was just perfect. He just walked into their house for the second time in a few days to find Juliette was in mortal peril, only to have defeated her foe. His concern combined with his bedside cop manner seemed spot on, as was his reaction when she finally let him in on her secret.

Elsewhere, the Excandesco plot was interesting enough (cool that they tied it in with a fire in Rome during Biblical times), and I loved the whole Supersoaker-green slime solution – it took me back to the days of Nickelodeon and Supersoakers, and also evoked Ghostbusters as well. Pretty much it was a Gen-X win all around.

I don’t know NBC’s motivation for giving the show a 5 week hiatus, then putting it on an hour earlier. It’s not exactly an 8pm show, but that hasn’t stopped NBC before (for instance, Revolution comes to mind!). But it’s an awfully long and awkward time for a hiatus – they are missing the rest of February sweeps (where ad revenue is determined based on ratings) and risk viewers losing track of the show due to the time lag and time change. Oh well, I guess absence makes the heart grow fonder…

Memorable Quotes:

Wow! I’ve been away tooo long! – Orson

Where did you get that? – Orson
The not-so-public library – Nick

Is that what was supposed to happen? – Nick
Well, it’s not an exact…you know…science… – Monroe

Watch for new episodes of Grimm on NBC starting Friday, March 20, at 8/7c (time change!)

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