GRIMM RECAP: Wesenrein

GRIMM RECAP: Wesenrein

GRIMM 4.9 Wesenrein

Hank and Nick bail Wu out of the drunk tank and take him out to the trailer with him apparently wondering if they are going to try to kill him somewhere along the way. His curiosity overcomes his fear, though, so he finally gets indoctrinated into the world of Wesen and Grimms. They explain that Nick and Theresa (Trubel) are Grimms, and basically tell him the main story, including Weston Stewart’s death at Trubel’s hand, leaving out the parts about Renard’s involvement.

Rosalee realizes that Monroe hasn’t returned and finds sighs of a struggle by the police car and sees Officer Acker stumble out of the woods. She calls Nick in a panic. Meanwhile, Monroe is beaten up and held captive in a vacant industrial building outside of town. His jailer is the sadistic younger brother of the Grand Master of the Wesenrein, the KKK-like Wesen purity group. He’s not the only captive – another man has been captive for a long time and gives Monroe his wedding band to give to his wife as he is taken away to a presumed unpleasant fate.

At home, Juliet is having her own crisis as she finds herself vogueing back and forth into her Hexenbiest alter ego, which not only is painful, but results in her breaking every mirror in the house. She calls Nick, but he’s too busy trying to find Monroe to talk. Nick drops Rosalee off to be with Juliet, but it doesn’t seem like the right time to tell Rosalee about her “little anger management problem”, so she doesn’t. However, she falls asleep and has a very vivid nightmare about vogueing and ripping Rosalee’s throat out. (I could have done without that visual!)

Hank and Nick try to find Monroe, but it’s not easy. Officer Acker’s story doesn’t quite make sense – he claims to have been jumped and hit over the head – but they can’t really do much until they start tracking down Wesen on Trubel’ list of potential Wesenrein. They take the mulled Klaustreicht, Shaw, into custody but don’t get a ton from him, so they release him to follow him. Unfortunately, the Grand Master shows up and kills him before they can get much info.

While searching the house, though, they find a picture of him with Acker. They find out that Acker has a lot of phone calls to a prison. They interview the prisoner, who is very intimidated by Nick and tells him that he used to share a cell with the Grand Master of the Wesenrein. Nick and Hank go after him, but are unable to find Monroe.

Meanwhile, in Austria, Victor wakes Adalind up to let her know that it’s time for them to go to Portland to look for the baby.

Monroe manages to escape briefly, but is recaptured. We see him dragged before a group of heavily robed and masked Wesenrein for this trial [and presumed execution by impalement].

Overall Thoughts:

A lot happened in this episode, yet it seemed to move in slow motion for me. It’s probably more realistic than some police show where the case seems to get solved too quickly, but that meant lots of watching Nick and Hank do relatively normal police work and a bit of context to show us how dire Monroe’s situation is, with a little bit of Rosalee and Juliette waiting and worrying at home. The purpose of this episode was clearly to set up next week’s, where Monroe faces the Tribunal and future episodes where Adalind and/or Victor come to Portland, and it did that, but after the fall finale and some very good stand alone episodes, it just felt lacking. Maybe it was not enough action for the level of hype coming after the last episode (and in the upcoming episode as well).

The highlight was definitely the long overdue indoctrination of Wu into the Scooby Gang. As usual, Reggie Lee had some of the best lines of the episode (especially important as clearly Monroe couldn’t be counted on for comic relief!) as he tried to make sense of his new knowledge of the world.

I wish that poor Juliette would have gotten some help with her “predicament”. The poor woman seems to always get the worse end of everything in the past 4 seasons. Taking away Rosalee as a confidant and guide to her at a time when she needs it most was particularly cruel. You know your life is pretty rough when unexpectedly turning into a Hexenbiest and shattering every mirror in your entire house is not the worse thing that happens to you in a day!

Memorable Quotes:

So I’m a Grimm? – Wu

Oh, so there are friendly ones, too. Good to know – Wu know all about… – Wu
Yes – Renard
Whoa, didn’t see that one coming! …are you?! – Wu
You don’t want to go there… – Renard

Tell us about the Wesenrein – Nick
What is that, some kind of beer? – Shaw

I will do whatever I can to help find Monroe, but after this is over, I’m gonna need to have more…you know…in-depth talk about… – WuGrimm - Season 4Grimm - Season 4


What were your thoughts on the episode? Please tell me in the comments!

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  1. So, why did we get that unnecessary scene with Adelind again? It made no sense and didn’t fit at all with this episode. It was like they were trying to make sure the audience doesn’t forget about her and the Royals. It was so out of place.

    All that being said, I think they are gearing up Juliette to do some combat with Adelind. Her being a Hexenbiest now firmly implants her as a member of the Scooby Gang. An active member, not just one who knows what’s going on with Nick.

    Wu is going to be a treat to watch now, more than ever before. And I loved him before!

  2. I think for exactly the reason you said – to remind us that her and Victor are still around and will be coming back to Portland to try to find the baby.

    I am also hoping for a biesty showdown between Adalind and Juliette. Juliette’s been through a lot thanks to her and I’d love to see her get some redemption.

    The Wu character is just great – he and Monroe bring all the comic relief to the show!