GRIMM RECAP: Shocking in more ways than one

GRIMM RECAP: Shocking in more ways than one

After two pretty intense episodes, some might have expected this episode to be a letdown, but I really enjoyed it because it wasn’t all fast and heavy and had everything that Grimm should, apparently – a bizarro death caused by a bizarro Wesen, plenty of humor, and Juliette having a very bad day and not telling Nick about some really important things going on in her life. Seriously, girl has the worst luck of any character on TV and also has clearly not learned that NOT telling Nick usually works out much worse than telling Nick! Also hasn’t learned that she should stay away from private visits with Capt Renard, regardless of how good he looks with his shirt off. I could talk about this for a while, but I’ll put it aside for now and get on to the business of the recap. This episode seems to have started off exactly at the time that the last one left off…

GRIMM 4.11 Death Do Us Part

There was no doubt as soon as we see the camera pan the house in the first scene that someone was going to die there. Well, someone usually dies in the first scene of Grimm, but with a house like that, it’s a foregone conclusion. Three card-carrying “Ghost Seekers” are investigating a house where 2 bizarre deaths occurred – a couple was basically cooked to death in their bed. (As an aside, if the house was for sale, you’d think they would have cleaned up a bit and removed the charred bed where they died, am I right?! The bank needs to fire their realtor!)

The three wanna be Ghostbusters walk through the house, filming as they go. The lights start flashing, a ceiling fan turns on, and you just know the lead guy is going to get killed on camera. Sure enough, he sees a green-headed alien-looking creature and then gets fried to a crisp and hurled down a flight of stairs. Lots of screaming ensues.

Meanwhile, speaking of not so good ideas, Juliette begs Renard to call his mother to help her. He’s more than a little surprised about her transformation.

Back at home, Nick tries to get romantic with Juliette, but she kind of gives him the cold shoulder, then has a nightmare that he leaves during the night and comes back with an ax to kill her (at least she didn’t rip out his throat, right?). When she wakes up, Nick is gone, but Renard calls – he wants to meet her at a local restaurant.

The Scooby Squad is officially on the fried ghost hunter case. (Do they just automatically give Hank and Nick all the weird cases?). The house is somewhat less creepy by the light of day. They find the charred body and touch base with the officer who investigated the previous deaths five years earlier. The detective thought it was a love-triangle gone wrong. The woman of the couple that died was having an affair with a coworker, and he always suspected the jilted lover, but couldn’t prove it. He gives Hank and Nick contact info for the suspect’s wife – Lily Ingles.

Grimm - Season 4Renard meets with Juliette (after watching her inadvertently blow up the car of a guy who acted like a jerk to her in the parking lot) and sends her to an acquaintance of his mother’s named Henrietta. Apparently Henrietta is pretty powerful, because her number magically becomes jibberish as soon as Juliette commits it to memory. Juliette then goes to the trailer and starts researching Hexenbiests.

A very hairy homeless man enters the “haunted” house, heading straight for the master bedroom. He lays down on the scorched mattress (ewww!) and soon the lights start flickering and he hears voices. The room is transformed into what it must have looked like 5 years prior, and we see the dead couple dancing about the room, looking very undead. The homeless man seems pretty freaked out (for good reason). We see the lights flash and he screams.

Wu manages to recover some video from the victim’s camera – it shows his death and a blurry picture of the green-headed alien-thingy. He thinks it’s similar to one of the sketches he saw in the trailer, but can’t remember exactly which Wesen. Hank, Nick, and Wu go to talk to the wife of the previous suspect. They show Lily the picture from the camera but she denies any knowledge, so Nick plays the Grimm card. She admits that her husband was having an affair, so she told the woman’s husband, Stetson, so he’d make her break it off, and then the husband killed his wife and her husband – he is the kind of Wesen that can control electricity, a Matanca Zumbida. (Because the bodies were so charred, everyone assumed it was the husband and wife that were killed, not the woman and her lover)

Grimm - Season 4The ghost seekers haven’t learned their lesson, so they go back to the house, albeit reluctantly on the part of the woman (further proof women have a better sense of self-preservation!). Lily also goes to the house, with her gun – she wants to avenge her husband’s death.

Juliette calls Henrietta’s number and is given an address to come to that evening. Nick, Hank, and Wu show up at the trailer and find her there, acting very suspicious. She leaves quickly and Nick notices that she was looking at a book about Hexenbiest, but doesn’t get too suspicious (C’mon, Nick!!!). Wu finds the Matanca Zumbida in the books in the trailer and they find out that Nick has to pierce his ear, then smear “poison frog skin powder” in the hole in his ear before he confronts the Wesen. The female ghost seeker calls Nick to tell them that her partner went back into the house

Stetson, the murderer, confronts Lily in the house and tries to show her what he sees – the deceased couple in bed together – but she can’t see it. The male ghost hunter watches everything from a closet in the room. Nick, Wu, and Hank arrive on the scene. Hank pierces Nick’s ear (this might be the weirdest way to kill a Wesen ever!) and puts the frog paste on it. Then all three go into the house, flashlights and guns drawn.

Stetson makes Lily wear his wife’s dress and pretend to be his wife. He forces her to dance to music only he can hear (creepy!!!). The ghost hunter makes a noise and is discovered, and Nick and Hank arrive just in time to save him. Stetson attacks Nick and they fight. Nick wins and is about to arrest him when Lily shoots him dead. Back at the precinct, Nick and Hank explain to Wu that they won’t file any charges against Lily – much easier to just call it self-defense because it makes the whole case a heck of a lot cleaner.

Juliette goes to meet Henrietta, who is very beautiful, and super intimidating.

Renard pours himself a drink and has a flashback to being shot. He looks down at his shirt and there are blood stains. He takes off his shirt (no rage, just shirtless) and finds smears of fresh blood, but no scars, on his chest at the sites of the gunshot wounds.

Overall Thoughts:

Fun episode with lots of sly references to a bunch of horror/sci-fi genre cliches. Wu is hilarious in his new role as part of the Scooby gang. Now that he knows that he’s not crazy, he’s taking everything with remarkable calm.

I love the new Renard-Juliette-Henrietta plot. Ok, admittedly, I want to grab Juliette, shake her, and make her promise to sit down and tell Nick, but I love the potential for where this plotline can take the show. The last bit about Renard bleeding from non-existent wounds was also pretty crazy. I feel like Renard needs to have a talk with Mommy Dearest sooner, rather than later, but it seems that perhaps he doesn’t have a way to contact her, or he would have called her instead of sending Juliette to Henrietta.

The Henrietta character is very intriguing, even though we’ve only seen her for about 20 seconds. The Grimm writers do a very good job writing strong, realistic, female characters and she certainly seems like another that is going to be fun to watch.

Memorable Quotes:

You call this a “side effect”? – Juliette

You said that I could go to the trailer any time I needed to. Well, last night, I needed to!  – Wu

It makes sense, after everything Adalind has done to the both of you – Hank
Yeah, to all of of us – Nick
Not to me – Wu
You ate her cookie – Hank
I did? – Wu
Yeah, that’s why you ate your carpet – Nick
Oohh – Wu

I’m not piercing my ear – Nick
Works for Hank – Wu

What kind of police are you?! – female ghost hunter

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