GRIMM RECAP: Hate crimes

GRIMM RECAP: Hate crimes

GRIMM 4.10 Tribunal

Things are looking…ahem…grim for Monroe as he faces the Wesenrein tribunal, which seems to be a combination of a trial, religious ceremony, and KKK rally. Apparently there are not only “laws” against marrying Wesen outside one’s own species, but also for befriending Grimms (so apparently this has been a previous issue?!).

Meanwhile, Team Grimm still has no idea where he is. Nick, Hank, and Renard decide that they need to put pressure on Acker. They need Wu to help, though, which means they need to introduce him to his first woge. They bring in Bud to show him (apparently Bud is harmless-looking enough that he gets to be everyone’s “gateway Wesen”). The resulting scene is typical Bud – awkwardly hilarious – with a lot of parallels to the typical “birds and the bees” talk. Wu is both horrified and fascinated. Wu knows Acker well, so they task him with getting information.

Grimm - Season 4Juliette and Rosalee are tired of being idle, so they also are working on finding Monroe by cross-checking known members of the Wesenrein with the wedding guest list. Juliette also uses the time with Rosalee to drop not so subtle hints that she’s got Hexenbiests on her mind, but Rosalee is too worried about Monroe to pick up on Juliette’s distress.

Monroe manages to escape the tribunal and kill one of the Wesenrein, but is recaptured. The men want to just kill him, but the Grand Master reminds them that they need to go through the whole Tribunal. *Then* they get to kill him.

Bud leaves the station and goes over to Nick and Juliette’s to try to help them reconcile the two lists. They identify one of the dates of an invited guest that they don’t know and so Juliette and Rosalee go to her place of work to follow-up. They tell her Monroe has been kidnapped and she mentions that her brother knows Shaw and that he’s a police officer – Acker!

Wu confronts Acker and puts the pressure on him and then Nick and Hank join in the “fun” – it’s a classic case of good cop, bad Grimm…and really bad Zauberbiest as they all threaten Acker without too much success.

Bud leaves Juliette’s house and gets abducted and dragged out to testify before the Tribunal. For once Bud, after some characteristic bumbling, actually demonstrates some stones and refuses to provide incriminating evidence against Monroe. He also refuses to deny that he knows Nick and has helped him. The Tribunal comes to the expected conclusion – a death sentence – and things are looking pretty bad indeed for Monroe.

Grimm - Season 4Juliette contacts Nick and they bring the sister into the precinct. Nick uncharacteristically (although he’s bluffing) threatens to kill the sister if Acker doesn’t help them. Finally Acker tells them where to find the Tribunal and the entire cast then goes in guns-a-blazing. They capture those that surrender and kill the rest. Everyone gets in on the action – Wu shoots one after he woges, Monroe and Rosalee take out others, and Juliette even takes a guy out after she loses her gun and gets pinned down by a Blutbad – she woges and screams and the guy’s head explodes – literally! No one else actually sees this happen, though. Monroe and Rosalee work together to kill the Grand Master.

Hank and Nick escort Monroe and Rosalee to the airport like they are part of the presidential motorcade to ensure that they actually get to go on their honeymoon.

Wu spends the evening with some fast food in the trailer supplementing his Wesen education.

Grimm - Season 4Renard is home in his fancy condo overlooking the city when he gets a visitor – it’s Juliette and she’s pretty freaked – ready to cry at any moment. He asks her why she’s come, so she shows him.



Overall Thoughts:

I loved that for once Bud didn’t bow under pressure and actually stood up for what is right, even in a very dangerous situation. I also loved it that all of the worst offenders of the Wesenrein were actually killed, so in theory they won’t be back. Lots of shows tend to be happy with just locking up their villains, but these guys were so bad that it felt great to watch them get what was coming to them.

Juliette still hasn’t learned her lesson about communicating with Nick. Going to Renard with her biesty problem rather than telling Nick first seems like it will only result in trouble.

Glad to see that Monroe and Rosalee will finally get to go on their honeymoon. At least one of the couple’s on the show deserves to be happy because it doesn’t look like Nick and Juliette will be for long.

Memorable Quotes:

Look, you know I was where you are – Hank
Yeah, except for the going to the mental hospital part – Wu
I may not have checked in, but I was there… – Hank

…and by ready, you mean ‘off the deep end’ – Wu
There is no shallow end to this pool – Hank

That was a woge!…do it again! – Wu

So, you’re Burkhardt…you got it back – Grand Master
That’s the rumor – Nick





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