MARVEL and ONCE UPON A TIME Team for Second Graphic Novel

MARVEL and ONCE UPON A TIME Team for Second Graphic Novel

What does Marvel Comics have in common with Once Upon a Time? Graphic novels, of course! In the second release from the publisher, Marvel digs into the past of Storybrooke’s beloved characters in an anthology which will tell the stories of Belle and Rumple, Capt. Hook, the Mad Hatter and the Evil Queen. What was life like aboard the Jolly Roger before Killian Jones lost his hand to Rumplestiltskin? What sparked the romance between Rumple and Belle? Why did the Mad Hatter shelve his hat in the first place? These and other stories will be told in the upcoming graphic novel written by OUAT: Shadow of the Queen graphic novel writer Corinna Bechko and the show’s writer, Kalinda Vasquez . They will be joined by various artists including Janet Lee (Dapper Men), Pascal Campion (Sherman and Peabody), Vanesa Del Rey (Sinatoro), Betsy Peterschmidt (Boys with Wings) and cover artist Stacey Lee (Silk).

“Out of the Past” has a release date of April 1, 2015.

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