SLEEPY HOLLOW Fall Finale Says Goodbye to [SPOILER!]

SLEEPY HOLLOW Fall Finale Says Goodbye to [SPOILER!]

I was recently discussing Sleepy Hollow with my daughter, who watches it with me every week, and we both thought that we were getting tired of seeing Henry/Jeremy always one step ahead of our heroes. He always wins! It seemed as though Ichabod and Abbie were constantly playing right into his ultimate plans, and indeed I guess they were. That all changed in last night’s Fall finale, “The Akeda”.

‘Akeda’ is a story from the Bible about when Abraham bound his son, Isaac, and layed him upon an alter to offer him up as sacrifice to God, according to a request from God. It was a test, of course, and Isaac was spared, but in last night’s episode the Sleepy Hollow writers brilliantly took that story and wove it into their story. “The Akeda” was all about love and sacrifice. How far would a parent go to save the world? Would Ichabod and Katrina sacrifice their only son to ultimately take down Moloch once and for all? Would Henry kill his own parents to please Father Moloch?

Last night’s episode had me on the edge of my seat almost the duration on the show. As you know, it was the second of a two-parter, and last week ended with Abbie and Ichabod gaining possession of the Sword of Methuselah which could kill anything demonic or evil – or Moloch. Abbie and Ichabod soon learn from Abraham/Headless that there is a price for using it though. “Magic comes with a great price.” (Hmm, where have I heard that before?) Whoever uses the sword loses their soul and dies. Best solution then? Let Captain Irving wield it! Good plan, right? Well, it is if you’re NOT Irving.

While Ichabod and Abbie lock Abraham up once again, Moloch is busy raising hell, literally. Zombies are popping up out of the ground, blood is raining from the black skies, and the Horseman of War has been released upon Sleepy Hollow.

As Ichabod, Abbie, Jenny, Irving and Katrina head out to meet Moloch and his army, we are treated to watching Irving wield that sword against the Horseman of War, and he wins! The horseman is pierced through with the sword and bursts into flame, but only after it’s arm is cut off. This all has the added effect of incapacitating Henry. He is now vulnerable because as you recall, he controlled the armored horseman. So War has been defeated, the Horseman of Death is in chains and Moloch is pissed and wants that sword.

However, Abraham was right. The victory over War came at a terrible cost. Irving is dead. I seriously hope that we have not seen the end of Orlando Jones as Irving. He was truly badass when you put a supernatural sword in his hands. But his soul belonged to Henry so I’m hoping that we may see him again as we did Andy Brooks (John Cho). Still, it was very hard to watch and very sad.

Irving’s death served as fuel to Abbie’s resolve to end Moloch once and for all. “I’m not going to let Moloch take another soul from this earth. Never again.” Meanwhile, Moloch sends Henry to fetch the sword even though Henry could be cut down so easily in his weakened condition. He meets the gang in the church of St. Henry, but quickly binds Abbie and Jenny up in tree roots, and taking the sword. However, Katrina has been useful this time! She has enchanted the sword so that Henry sees the Sword of Methuselah, but it is in fact only an ordinary sword that dissolves in his hands and Ichabod is standing behind him with the real sword aimed at Henry’s throat.

Words are exchanged between father and son, but in the end Henry wins again and takes the group to Moloch. By this time I’m really getting fired up because the clock is ticking down the hour and Irving appears to have dies for nothing. If I had two working brain cells though, I would have figured out what was coming because it all made sense.

Moloch commands Henry to kill Katrina but Henry argues. Moloch seals his own fate when he tells Henry, “You are nothing but what I made you” and that Henry means nothing to him at all. Henry realizes that he’s only ever been a tool for Moloch. I mean, what can you expect from a very tall, horned angry dude who has no soul? No Father of the Year awards there! In the end, it was Henry who drives the sword into Moloch, destroying him forever. Only Henry could have done it. He had no soul for the sword to take either.

This is where the episode leaves us until January. I was very happy it ended this way. It’s not really a breath-holding cliffhanger, there are a lot of questions that arise out of what just happened. But Moloch was defeated and the Witnesses live to fight another enemy – whatever that may be.


– Ichabod gets his first ride on a motorcycle – and wants one of his own. Of course!

– Ichabod and Katrina are having marital issues that they may never come back from.

– Katrina shows off her powers in battle, but given that we have been told time and again that she is a ‘very powerful witch’,  I was underwhelmed. She still needed help when going up against a zombie. Really?

– Hawley makes his appearance and I hope this guy stays with the show. Jenny commissions him to babysit Abraham while the others to off to war. It wasn’t until it started raining blood that Hawley believed that Jenny was telling the truth about this being the end of days.

– Henry is stunned to realize that Ichabod and Abbie will never give up on their son, but after killing Moloch is he a changed man?

Finally, some fun from Twitter:

@NelsonGreaves (writer): YOU BROUGHT ROOTS TO A SWORD FIGHT!

@melissablake (writer): Henry just had a stern talking to from Daddy Moloch. Now go to your doom.

@thejohnnoble (Henry/Jeremy/War): Heaven protect a poor therapist who tries to help Henry with his childhood issues.

@thejohnnoble: Henry is so pathetic in Moloch’s company.

@melissablake: Did Jenny just volunteer Irving as tribute? It’s an honor just to be nominated, eh Irving?

@TheNeilJackson (Abraham/Headless): Who brings magic to a sword fight?!

@TheOrlandoJones (Frank Irving): Moloch be like – “be thankful Imma let you kill your parents. I am so sick of their drama”.

@TheOrlandoJones: #SleepyHollow if @TomMison dies I’m changing the channel. #justsaying

And one more from Orlando, because he was so dang funny!

Irving be like “just a flesh wound. Imma walk it off”. #IGotThisHollow


Sleepy Hollow returns on January 5th, 2015. Be there!



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  1. I didn’t see those last 2 tweets from Orlando! That guy man! Btw – I believe the reason Katrina needed help with her magic was because of Moloch unleashing hell. I’m pretty sure when she was enchanting those weapons she told them that because of him walking on earth and getting stronger, her magic was weakening. Not sure what one had to do with the other, but I’m pretty sure that’s why she wasn’t so strong.

    • That is true, but she’s been pretty underwhelming all along anyway. I mean, except for the spell that put Ichabod to sleep for 200 years, what has she done? She spelled the chains that bound Abraham but Ichabod and Abbie were able to do that before all on their own.