GRIMM RECAP: Things go from bad to worse

GRIMM RECAP: Things go from bad to worse

GRIMM 4.08 Chupacabra

Monroe and Rosalee are finally packing to go on their honeymoon, but he’s worried about leaving. Rosalee tells him that they have to trust that the others can get by without them for a few days or they will never go.

We find out right away that Juliette isn’t pregnant as her and Nick share a few beers. She’s still not feeling well and goes to Rosalee for some remedies. Rosalee urges her to see a doctor, but of course she doesn’t.

Rosalee receives a threatening phone call and finds a dead fox hanging above the back door of the spice shop. Nick and Hank come out to investigate and tell her and Monroe that they have a lead on who might be involved in threatening them and they will go after them, but they won’t give Monroe their names. The police assign an officer to watch their house overnight as they are leaving on their honeymoon in the morning.

In Austria, Victor continues to investigate Nick’s mother in an attempt to find the baby. No one has heard from her since her supposed death. Victor and Adalind make an uneasy truce. Kelly was last seen in Portland, so that is presumably where one or both of them is now headed.

This week’s Grimm finally tackled one of the more popular urban legends (or so I like to think!) – the chupacabra, or goat sucker. Apparently it’s not a separate kind of Wesen, but rather a mosquito-carried disease that turns coyote-like Wesen into blood-thirsty (almost rabid) killers. A young doctor comes back from working in the Dominican Republic and he has brought back the infection with him. He rampages his neighborhood at night, killing two people and wounding his coworker. After attacking someone, he wakes up covered in blood with no memory of what happened.

Wu is of course the first on the scene and he’s showing the strain of seeing so much stuff that he can’t explain. The neighborhood man who finds the first body suggests that it was the chupacabra. Wu confronts Renard about how Nick and Hank are so successful at solving their weird cases and Renard pretty much blows him off by saying that Hank and Nick are just good cops. Wu stomps out – he’s not happy.

Juliette helps the guys out at the trailer due to her knowledge of the chupacabra and her ability to read Spanish. The doctor continues to get sicker and sicker, transforms again, and this time attacks his best friend and coworker before going on a rampage around his neighborhood. Wu gets assigned to look for him and ends up seeing him voged.

Renard meets with one of the leaders of the resistance. He’s heard rumors of the baby and that supposedly the Resistance has her. Renard tells him that Kelly Burkhardt has the baby and the man tells him that he will help them get the baby back.

Wu confronts Nick and Hank and tells them that he’s quitting because he can’t take it anymore. Hank and Nick finally decide to tell him, but they don’t get very far – they are still explaining why Trubel wasn’t arrested for killing the FBI agent who killed (pre-snake resurrection) Renard.

Nick and Hank corner the doctor-cum-chupacabra in his own house when he tries to attack his own wife. Wu is with them and sees the man fully woged and pretty much freaks out. They tell him that what he is seeing is real, but he’s not quite ready to accept it yet and they don’t really have much time to explain.

Wu drives off, seeing flashbacks to every weird case he’s ever worked and also starts hallucinating that he’s seeing the actual creatures. After he throws a class at a mirror in a bar when he thinks he sees a creature behind him, he gets arrested by one of his own coworkers.

They take the chupacabra and his wife to the spice shop where Rosalee makes a medicine to cure the disease. She only has enough ingredients for one dose, though, which proves to be a major problem when suddenly his wife transforms as well. Before they can make a decision on who to treat, the doctor (who is back to himself) grabs the syringe and injects his wife. He realizes that his condition is very advanced and begs Hank and Nick to shoot him. They won’t initially, but then he voges and attacks and they are forced to kill him.

Back at their house, Rosalee and Monroe are getting ready for bed and Monroe goes out to talk to the police officer stationed outside their house. Unfortunately, the cop is one of the people after them and he and his buddy abduct Monroe.

At home, Juliette prepares for bed and while she is washing her face, she gets a horrible headache. As she stares into the mirror, she transforms into a hexenbiest! Seeing herself in the mirror, she screams.

My Thoughts:

Great (but heartbreaking!) Wesen plot this time. So many of the Wesen we see rampaging are actually evil, but this time we have a very kind-hearted, loving doctor who donates his time to the less fortunate and then sacrifices himself for his wife. Turns out to be pretty timely with Time Magazine making the Ebola fighters their Person of The Year as this doctor was doing the same kind of selfless service until the very end.

Poor Wu! I really hope that Nick and Hank have time to really sit down and explain things to him sooner rather than later. However, the other two big cliffhanger plotlines are likely to get in the way.

All I can say is poor Monroe and Rosalee. Two nicer people you’d have a hard time finding, but I guess that really helps get the point across that prejudice and racism is a horrible thing. From the previews, things are going to get MUCH worse next episode.

I think the big reveal with the biggest long-term impact on the show will be Juliette’s surprising transformation. Is she all Hexenbiest with all the associated powers? Will she still otherwise act like herself? Can a Hexenbiest and a Grimm live together in harmony? What happens when a Hexenbiest and Grimm have kids? Did Elizabeth know this could happen? Will we get to see a great fight between her and Adalind when she gets back to Portland? The questions here are endless!

Memorable Quotes:

How much are we going to be wearing? I mean, it’s a honeymoon- Monroe

So we’re dealing with a Wesen? – Hank
I hope so! Whoa, I can’t believe that I just said that! – Nick

The cause of death in all of these cases is what I would called “Portland-esque”. Meaning, it’s weird – Wu

Maybe we should call in a dog catcher with a really big net – Wu

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