GRIMM RECAP: Merry Mayhem

GRIMM RECAP: Merry Mayhem

Grimm 4.07 The Grimm Who Stole Christmas

Monroe’s once again transformed their house into a Christmas wonderland (maybe it’s just me, but it seems less tacky this year than last!). He uses his train set to deliver an invitation to Rosalee to finally go on their honeymoon.

Hank, Nick, and Trubel continue to investigate the Wesen that are threatening Monroe and Rosalee. Later, Trubel and Josh go to check out some Wesen that Bud warned them about. One of them gets the jump on Trubel, and Josh surprisingly hits him over the head with a rock. They go back later with Bud and make a list of the Wesen they think are threatening Monrosalee.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in Portland, three small goblin-looking things escape from a large wrapped package and destroy a family’s Christmas tree and other decorations. The little buggers hit several other houses. One witness gives a description of the creatures, which Wu latches onto and Hank and Nick pretend isn’t weird. So, for those counting we’re up to 7 episodes without telling Wu.

Renard tells Nick that he told Elizabeth about the baby and that Nick’s mother has her. Elizabeth is determined to find Kelly and both Nick and Renard agree that they don’t want the two of them to kill each other. Renard also wants Nick to do something about Wu, but not to reveal his secret in the process.

Nick and Hank manage to capture one of the goblins. Juliette drugs him and they lock him in a dog crate in the garage. Predictably, he escapes while Juliette and Rosalee are enjoying a relaxing night together while the guys are at the trailer trying to figure out what the creatures are. Juliette shares with Rosalee that she’s been having bouts of nausea and Rosalee asks if she might be pregnant. She doesn’t think so, but what if she got pregnant when she was Adalind? Before they can put too much thought into that disturbing possibility, they are interrupted when the escaped creature and his brothers storm the house. They try to save Monroe’s decorations and protect the train, but the creatures do some damage before Monroe gets home and scares them off.

From the books in the trailer, Nick and company now know that the creatures are actually kids of a certain type of Wesen – when they go through puberty during the winter solstice, they become crazy Christmas-hating grinches by night, while they remain adorable kids by day. Luckily, there is an easy, if bizarre, way to subdue them – fruitcake! They are able to identify one of the kids when they find a med alert bracelet left behind at Monrosalee’s.

After the kids turn into the creatures in the middle of a church Christmas concert, the team leads them into a fruitcake truck (which was conveniently nearby, just in case anyone needed a truckload of fruitcake!). They lock them into the truck until they transform back into kids, then turn them over to their parents.

Trubel decides that now that Nick has his Grimm back, that she should move on because of Chavez and because Josh needs help with his Hundjager problem. She can’t bring herself to say goodbye to everyone, though. In a very touching scene, Nick gives them Aunt Marie’s old SUV and off they go.

The episode ended with Juliette in the bathroom, looking at the results of a pregnancy test, and crying.

My Thoughts:

This was a fun holiday episode! Any jokes about fruitcake are always welcome and the callbacks to both the Grinch and Gremlins was amusing. Loved the scene with Juliette and Rosalee trying to fight the buggers off with household objects.

OK, I’m going to go out on a limb and predict that they will finally tell Wu within the next 2 episodes. It just won’t fit plot-wise to continue to keep him in the dark, although I guess it could continue to be a funny inside joke for fans to see how ridiculous it could become.

I had wondered why Jacqueline Toboni was still listed as a guest star, but I guess we found out why. It’s interesting that the writers and cast were trying to start a #AskingforTrubel compaign to bring her back – is this just a publicity thing, or for some reason the writers and the entire cast want to keep her but NBC doesn’t?  Couldn’t find anything online that had any info.

Down to very important matters – is Juliette pregnant? As if the whole Juliette-Adalind-Nick-threesome wasn’t weird enough, then you throw on the “what happens when you don’t use birth control when a potion turns you into a Hexenbiest” issue. Then there is the fact that Juliette seems to have been hitting the wine hard lately, as well. So, is she crying because the test is positive and she’s terrified of having a baby, because she’s terrified of what could go be/go wrong with the baby (which of course includes the whole potion/Hexenbiest issue), or because it’s negative and she was hoping for a baby?

Memorable Quotes:

They weren’t getting near that train over my dead body! – Rosalee

I don’t want my mother to kill your mother – Renard
And I don’t want my mother to kill your mother – Nick

So, there really is a reason for fruitcake? – Monroe

They’re Italian? – Juliette

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