STAR-CROSSED Recap: This Trick May Chance to Scathe You

STAR-CROSSED Recap: This Trick May Chance to Scathe You

Guess what? You’ll never guess so let me just tell you. There is *another* festival happening. Who could have seen that coming? This time at least it is Mardi Gras, which is a real event.

All joking aside this was an action packed episode of Star-Crossed and it really moved the story along.

My two favorite BFF’s, Roman and Drake, spy on the Trags who are attempting to secret the Suvek to a new location. When they lose the Trags somewhere in quadrant D of the Sector they decide they are going to need some help. Drake has just the person to help them, even if Roman isn’t going to like it.

"This Trick May Chance to Scathe You"Drake takes Roman to Grayson and Emery. Drake was right, Roman isn’t happy about this. Drake lays out what the Trags are up to. They want Grayson’s help stealing the Suvek. Emery, always the helpful one, of course has an idea. They bring Sophia and Lukas in on the plan. They are going to smuggle the Suvek out of the Sector in the float they are building for the Mardi Gras celebration/parade.

The float is brought into the Sector to be finished up as a sign of unity with the Atrians. Roman and Grayson follow the Trags to figure out where the Suvek is while Drake goes to talk to his Mom about this whole thing. This leaves Emery, Sophia and Lukas to pretend work on the float. As they all go their separate ways I can’t help but wish Team Stop the Trags had a secret handshake.

Roman and Grayson manage to follow a Trag to the hideout despite arguing like little girls the whole time. They signal Emery who has Sophia run to the guard shack and tell them there is going to be an attack and where the bomb is.

The Trags find out about the guards coming and move the Suvek while Roman and Grayson watch. The Suvek is in a big dumpster. Emery, Sophia and Lukas have their own dumpster filled with float making supplies. Before the Trags can get too far Roman and Grayson start a loud fight. There might have also been a punch or two thrown. The distraction works and Emery, Sophia and Lukas grab the Suvek dumpster and leave their float supply dumpster instead.

Drake meanwhile isn’t fairing so well. After telling his Mom of the plan she chokes him out and ties him to a chair. She cannot have him going against Vega. Also there is a failsafe built into the Suvek. If it leaves the Sector it will send out a pulse that will kill anyone within a 30 mile radius. Drake tells his Mom if that happens, if his friends die, he will never forgive her. This gets through to her and she goes to remotely disarm the Suvek while Drake meets up with his friends.

"This Trick May Chance to Scathe You"Everyone is almost to the Sector gate when the Trags catch up with them. A fight ensues; thankfully Drake makes it in time to lend a well-muscled arm or two. Seriously, tanks tops are his friend, and ours.

Drake’s Mom sends up a flare to signal the Suvek is disarmed. Emery pepper sprays the Trag holding a gun to her head and starts to drive out of the Sector with the boys on the float. They make sure to turn the music on in order to draw a lot of attention. The guards let them out of the Sector while the media takes pictures and people watch.

Go team go! They shake hands and smile at each other. Roman and Emery have a sweet forehead to forehead moment as well.

Grayson says he contacted Gloria and is to meet her in half an hour at the school. He will turn the Suvek over to her as she is the only one they can trust. Emery stays behind to talk with Roman. Emery is worried about Roman’s safety in the Sector but he says he will be okay. He is ready to go but he says he can’t stop thinking about kissing her. She says they won’t stop if they start. It’s pretty cute.

While all of this is going on Teri is still helping Caster. He has her bring him some things from his pod. A poison covered knife and a bracelet belonging to the first Iksen are among the items. He looks at her creepily. At least it creeps me out. He gives Teri the bracelet and asks her to lead by his side. Then Teri creeps me out by putting on the bracelet and coming on to Caster. She calls him wiser, stronger, etc…feeding his ego.

Later in the episode Teri tells Caster about the Suvek. Caster has Trag phones altered with messages about the Suvek plan planted on them. He is going to have his followers put the phones in the Elders pods. He can get into any Atrian lock with the Iksen key. Once the phones are planted he will call Gloria and tell her of the plot. She will order a raid and the Elders and the Trags will be taken down.

Teri, ever helpful, offers to plant the phones herself, so she can prove her worth to Caster. He hands her the Iksen key and she leaves with the Trag phones. Instead of planting the phones she gives the key to her Mom. Just then her Mom finds out the Suvek is taken. Teri was playing Caster all along. Now that she has the key Vega wants Teri to take care of Caster.

Before Teri can get back to Caster he finds Roman. Caster stabs Roman in the stomach with the poisoned knife, twisting the knife while Roman falls. He talks a bunch of trash while Roman is bleeding out. Roman manages to roll off the roof into the street before Caster can stab him again. Thankfully Roman manages to get away.

Teri however finds Caster holding the bloody knife moments later. She seduces him long enough to take the knife and stab it into his stomach.

Over at the school Grayson pulls into the parking lot and gets out of his Jeep only to be knocked out by none other than Zoe. She has a nasty burn on her arm but otherwise looks fine. Her return does not bode well for any of our lovelies. She is going to smash Grayson’s head in when she sees a light and thinks better of it. She drives off with the Suvek.

At the end of the night Emery gets home to find blood on her back porch. She follows the trail of blood to the shed where she found Roman all those years ago. Roman is there again, barely breathing. This is his safe place. A very concerned Emery tells him to hold on, stay with her.

Star-Crossed airs Monday 8/7c on The CW

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