STAR-CROSSED Recap: Passion Lends Them Powers

STAR-CROSSED Recap: Passion Lends Them Powers

After watching this episode of Star-Crossed I am sadder than ever that this is the final episode of the series. What a way to go out.

From the top, shall we?

Passion Lends Them Power"Roman is still bleeding out in Emery’s shed. All he wants to talk about is how he made it back to Emery. While Emery appreciates that she can’t let Roman die. She heads to the Sector to get Cypher. While in the Sector she runs into Teri. Teri thought Roman was dead so when she hears he is alive she rushes to Emery’s shed with her to administer the Cypher herself. Teri and Emery get to Roman who is barely breathing. Teri does the Cypher in the arm, blue veins glowing thing and injects it into Roman. She says it will take some time to work. Emery reaches out and takes Roman’s hand and Teri’s hand. Is this a turning point for Teri because she doesn’t pull away.

Awhile later Roman starts to wake up and his wound has almost completely healed. Teri sends Emery into the house to get some water. Teri starts to cry as she holds Roman’s hand. He has never seen her cry before. Roman takes that moment to tell Teri this is who she really is, a healer. Teri wipes her tears and steps back as Emery launches herself at Roman. They kiss and Teri interrupts saying Roman needs to be back to the Sector by sundown. Caster won’t be a problem for them anymore. Emery thanks Teri and goes back to kissing Roman.

Meanwhile the rest of the team learns the float never made it to Gloria. They loop in Eric and Julia but decide to leave Taylor out of the plan, because of her condition.

Back at the shed Roman, still shirtless, is holding Emery. More kissing. Roman says his Dad wanted him to be the next leader, to see integration through, put the needs of the Atrian’s above all else. That isn’t his path though. Roman says his path always leads him back to Emery. More kissing. Then some more kissing. The Lion King like music is throwing me off a little but things are getting steamy. Up against a window steamy, on the floor steamy, all over the shed steamy. All of this causes them to miss Grayson’s call.

Over at the parade Lukas downloads an app that monitors radiation (checking my app store for such a thing now) He figures if they sweep the area they might find concentrated amounts of radiation and that is where the Suvek is. They split up to search.
Still blissfully unaware, Roman and Emery lay beneath strategically placed blankets on the floor of the shed. More kissing but finally they hear the phone. She hears Grayson’s message about the stolen Suvek. Emery thinks Teri telling Roman to be back in the Sector at sundown was because that is when the bomb was going to go off. They hurry to get dressed and figure they have an hour to find the Suvek.

Passion Lends Them Power"Emery and Roman get to the parade and split up. A masked man bumps into Emery and then starts to follow her. She runs into an alley where another man grabs her. Thankfully Grayson shows up right before they stab her. He distracts them long enough for them to get away. They find a few cops and walk near them. Grayson wants to know where Roman is. Emery is silent. Grayson says when they were together she always came first, she still does. My daughter interrupts me to say, “They were together for like a day, right? He is a little insane.”

Lukas finally gets a signal and he and Sophia jump off the float. Drake is about to go with them when he sees Taylor. She is all smiles because she found someone, Zoe. Taylor also told Zoe about her pregnancy. Seriously woman. Secret alien cross race baby! Secret! Drake is barely restrained. Taylor goes to get something to eat and Drake threatens Zoe. However Four of Zoe’s goons are standing near Taylor. Zoe tells Drake either he stops his friends from finding the Suvek or he watches Taylor die.

Eric, Julia, Roman, Emery, Grayson, Lukas and Sophia meet up. They are in the building where Lukas got the radiation reading. Roman is going to go to the roof to see if it is up there when Drake shows up. He fills them in on Zoe and Taylor.

Taylor is watching the parade on the roof with Zoe when she sees the Suvek. Zoe tells her the plan, tells her this is the end of the humans. Zoe even shows her she is an Atrian. Zoe goes to grab Taylor and the abomination she is carrying. Zoe’s words, not mine. Taylor has super pregnancy strength though and knocks Zoe over and gets into the elevator.

Downstairs they are discussing what to do when Taylor shows up, via elevator, on their floor. She runs right to Drake. She says the bomb is on the roof. Roman says Drake, Grayson and himself are going to the roof. The rest of them need to clear the area. Emery says she is going to the roof with them. Of course she will.

At the Sector Vega is rallying her troops when Gloria and some of her own troops show up. Vega says not to be taken alive but Gloria, in Atrian, says this is a fight they will not win. They need to surrender. Teri walks past Vega and puts her hands up. Her Mom is pissed. As Vega is being carted away she says she will get the traitor who did this. Teri said it was her, she couldn’t let Vega kill her friends. Vega replies when her father hears of this he will not be happy. Teri is shocked because Vega told her her Father didn’t leave Atria.

Passion Lends Them Power"Up on the roof with a less than a minute left there is fighting, guns, etc…while Roman tries to pull the Iksen key from the Suvek. Unfortunately Zoe gets the drop on Grayson and shoots him through the chest. Drake manages to get over to Zoe and stabs her in the stomach dropping her to the ground.

Roman gets the key out of the Suvek but Zoe says she has a backup plan. She pushes a remote detonator and the Suvek launches.

All of the humans in the general area are knocked out by the blue light that pulses from the Suvek. The Suvek sends another signal into the air and Roman realizes it isn’t a bomb. It is a beacon. A beacon that is signaling what I assume is Teri’s Dad and no less than 10 Atrian Warships to their whereabouts.

This was quite a sendoff. I would have loved to see where this went in season two. However, as far as series finales go this one was pretty good.

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