ONCE UPON A TIME: Charming Baby Name Plus Season 4′s Icy New Addition

ONCE UPON A TIME: Charming Baby Name Plus Season 4′s Icy New Addition

Once Upon a Time finished its third season with a double-episode that wrapped up the Zelena/Oz storyline, finally brought two characters together, and set up the addition of a new villain for season 4…maybe.

If you haven’t seen the season 3 finale yet, warning! SPOILERS AHEAD!

The first hour of the two-hour finale was one of the funniest we’ve seen in a while, as Emma adjusted to being in the Fairy Tale Land That Was, including watching her parents meet. We moved on to the big stuff quickly, however. Here’s a rundown:

  • Charming and Snow’s new baby boy has a name: Prince Neal, after the hero who was Henry’s father (and the baby’s sort-of- brother-in-law);
  • Belle and Rumple are married (although Rumple still carries a secret);
  • Hook and Emma are officially a couple;
  • Robin Hood’s presumed-dead wife, Maid Marian, is not dead and is now in Storybrooke thanks to Hook and Emma;
  • Regina is NOT pleased with the above development.

A few weeks ago the rumor leaked that Once Upon a Time may be welcoming Queen Elsa from the smash hit Frozen sometime soon, but we didn’t expect it to be this soon! In the final moments of season 3, as Hook and Emma found their way back to Storybrooke, a stowaway was revealed, and she looked an awful lot like the icy Queen, throwing fans into a tizzy. Following the West Coast airing, ABC’s official OUAT Twitter feed posted this image, confirming the arrival of Queen Elsa for season 4:


As excited as we are about this, now we have questions: Will Idina Menzel play OUAT’s Elsa? Will she be the innocent, misunderstood woman from Frozen, or the more malevolent woman from the source material, Hans Christian Anderson’s “The Snow Queen”? Is Anna part of the package, and will Kristen Bell reprise her role? Who will make the first “Let It Go” reference?

But most importantly: do you want to build a snowman?

Once Upon a Time returns to ABC this autumn for season 4.

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  1. As I haven’t seen “Frozen” yet (it’s on my list!), I didn’t get that last scene until my daughter yelled out, “ELSA!” Then I got it.

    While I was very happy that Emma finally accepts that her home is Storybrooke, I was very, VERY unhappy with the arrival of Maid Marian and watching the rug once again be pulled out from under Regina. If she turns evil once again I will totally be on her side. She’ll never trust anyone ever again, especially if they are connected to Snow. I knew Emma would screw something up while going into the past!