BREAKING: FOX Orders More Episodes for SLEEPY HOLLOW Season 2!

BREAKING: FOX Orders More Episodes for SLEEPY HOLLOW Season 2!

Best news ever! According to this, FOX has ordered more episodes for the second season of Sleepy Hollow. Last season if you recall, we only had 13 episodes and when it came to an end, not a few of us were howling for more. FOX heard our cry and made it so.

Season 2 will see 15 episodes with the producers preparing to make a total of 18. EP Mark Goffman says that season 2 will have a definite war theme, which comes as no surprise when you have Death and War on the loose. “We look at this series as epic and every episode as needing to be epic,” Goffman says. “Every episode needs to be an adventure, and something mind blowing has to happen to our characters, with major revelations that move the story forward. We still approach it with that in mind. The more episodes you do, the harder that becomes, but I feel we are still at level where we can maintain that pace.”

Yesterday we learned that the role of Benjamin Franklin has been filled by The West Wing actor Timothy Busfield. You just knew they had to bring Ben into this.

So what do you think, are you excited about this? What are you looking forward to the most in season 2?

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