STAR-CROSSED Recap: Give Me A Torch

STAR-CROSSED Recap: Give Me A Torch

This episode of Star-Crossed partly centers on the staple of all CW shows – the school dance.

Julia has been chosen by Taylor to sing at the dance. Apparently it is a tradition that a new student does this. Julia is okay with this because this is her first school dance ever. That and Eric asked her. “You want to go to the dance, right?” It’s as romantic as it sounds.

At the dance Julia is on stage to sing her song and she freezes, she is singing softer and softer when Eric shows up and sings with her until she gets her mojo back. It’s quite sweet.

STA111b_0275rConnected to the dance storyline is Taylor being pregnant. That’s right, pregnant. She is crying in her car because of her breakup from Drake. Sophia finds her and when she looks up Taylor is crying blue glowing tears. That is one of the signs of Atrian pregnancy. Of course Sophia tells Emery. Emery tells Taylor and it goes about how you would think. Sophia and Emery can’t stop her from basically Googling alien pregnancy and when they get up from their table Vartan (he’s the Red Hawk captain that looks like a meth head from a trailer park) sits down and searches what they searched. He thinks Emery is pregnant.

He takes this information to Grayson but Grayson tells him that can’t be and to leave Emery alone. Vartan doesn’t agree with anything Grayson is doing so he doesn’t listen.

At the dance Vartan somehow slips in and kidnaps Emery at knife point. He gets her to the parking lot where he is going to take her to a doctor to verify what he believes. Thankfully for Emery Grayson comes out of nowhere and he and Vartan exchange blows. Vartan gets arrested.

STA111b_0057rBy the end of the evening Grayson and Emery are dancing and coming to terms with the new Red Hawks that Grayson is leading. She even agrees with what he is doing (going after the Trags) and attends a meeting with him. Roman follows her and can’t believe she is helping the Red Hawks. Although he doesn’t know the “new” Red Hawks aren’t all bad.

Drake is also at the dance. He sees Taylor and after she takes a few deep breaths she tells him she is pregnant. Drake tells Roman what’s going on with Taylor because they are the most awesome of super friends. Roman tells him to go find Taylor. “Go find your girl.” As he says that he sees Emery and Grayson dancing so that’s a little sad.

Drake finds Taylor in a hallway. He says he didn’t want to break up with her. He just wanted to be with her. Whatever happens he’ll be there for her. She starts to cry glowing tears. He wipes them away and kisses her before pulling her into his arms.

So let’s talk a bit about the super friends. Roman testifies as to what he saw about the crash to the Elders. He doesn’t have proof and they want to believe him but they don’t know if they can trust him. Of course Caster is also there contradicting everything Roman says.

Caster is so upset Roman is meddling in his plans, and also he is just a bad guy, so he has a bomb planted on Roman. Luckily Roman hears it and manages to toss his bag into a dumpster before it explodes.

STA111b_0085rRoman and Drake devise a plan. They break into Caster’s pod and steal a few of his bombs. Then they take the bombs to Vega’s grow house and set them off around the Suvek. This way Caster will be blamed for the bombing and as we all know Vega is not forgiving. She will go after Caster and that will solve both of their problems.

The plan mainly works. Roman gets Caster in front of the grow house as the bombs explode. Vega sends her guys after him but Teri ends up saving Caster.

You might want to know why Teri would want to save Caster. She has been tasked with finding the Iksens Key. It is what will power the Suvek. Vega needs Teri to get it from Caster and bring it to her. No problem, right?

Teri breaks into Caster’s Pod to look for the key. Caster shows up. He thinks Vega sent her there to poison him. She plants a bug in his house while he offers her a job with him. He says Vega isn’t appreciating all her smarts and talents.

Later Teri is watching the video feed from Caster’s house. He says great things about Teri, the opposite of how her Mom treats her. She smiles. She also sees Roman and Drake take the bombs. So when the bombs go off she tells her Mom it wasn’t Caster. Vega doesn’t want to hear her. She tells Teri she failed to get the key and this is unacceptable. Back to what I said a few sentences ago – Teri finds Caster being chased by Trags and pulls him into a secret room, saving him.

Unfortunately for Roman and Drake the Suvek survived the explosion. Vega has Drake’s Mom build it so it would be bomb proof.

Vega ominously says the Suvek will be ready in a few days.

Star-Crossed airs 8/9c on The CW

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