New ‘MALEFICENT’ Trailer Blends the Old with the New

New ‘MALEFICENT’ Trailer Blends the Old with the New

In a brand new trailer for the live-action Disney film, Maleficent, old and new are beautifully blended. Scenes from the original 1359 film melt into this new version of the story and we glimpse the three fairies who gifted the little princess Aurora with her special characteristics: beauty, grace, generosity, song and temperament. The final gift is of sleep to replace death bestowed upon her from the evil Maleficent.

Also shown is Prince Philip as he kisses the princess out of her slumber, and the residents of the kingdom swarming to the castle to celebrate the birth of Aurora.

Maleficent will focus mainly on the character herself and how she became the evil witch that we all know and love to hate. Why did she resent this one kingdom particularly? It’s an interesting question and one that this film will address.

Maleficent opens in theaters May 30th.

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