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STAR-CROSSED Scoop from WonderCon 2014


One of the first TV panels held at this past weekend’s Wonder Con in Anaheim was for the new CW series Star-Crossed, which featured an exclusive screening of Monday night’s episode as well as nearly all of the cast members of this futuristic drama. Among the panelists were Matt Lanter, Aimee Teegarden, Malese Jow, Greg Finley, Brina Palencia, Titus Makin ... Read More »

Check Out These Gorgeous Fairy Tale-Inspired Photos


Russian photographer Katerina Plotnikova has been gaining recognition for her series of exquisite, fairy tale-inspired photos recently. This post on Mashable introduced me to her work, and I followed the link to her site on 500px to find more absolutely stunning photos. Ethereal and surreal, Plotnikova’s subjects are usually young women in a natural setting. Her more recent photos include ... Read More »

STAR-CROSSED Recap: A Storm’s a Brewing


I was going to do this Star-Crossed recap in order but I’m too worked up about some things to wait and do them as they happen. I’m afraid this is going to be a rambling mess so try to stick with me. Grayson is pissing me off. Do I think he has the right to be upset that he was ... Read More »

Full Hi-Res Photo Gallery from Disney’s MALEFICENT


Walt Disney Pictures has released a wonderful collection of hi-res photos from their upcoming film, Maleficent, which opens May 30th in theaters. You can already see that this movie will be visually gorgeous! Angelina Jolie leads a cast that will ensure a box office hit to kick off the summer. These photos offer up a look at the three fairies played ... Read More »