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New Key Art Shows Nick on Fire in Season 5 of GRIMM


NBC dropped the new key art for the 5th season of Grimm and it carries the same menacing message as season 4: don’t mess with Nick Burkhardt. After losing his mother and the love of his life in the season 4 finale, there was just no other way Nick would deal with it all than to seek vengeance. This leaves ... Read More »

GRIMM: A Memorial to the Dearly Departed


It’s been almost 2 weeks now since the Grimm season 4 finale but some of the final scenes are still etched into my mind. While I can’t say that we weren’t warned that a major character would die, I sure didn’t expect to lose both Mamma Grimm (most certainly dead) and Juliette (sure seemed dead!). Both losses are likely to have profound ... Read More »

Second “Once Upon a Time” Novel Features Red’s Story


Hyperion Books revealed the cover for the latest Once Upon a Time novel, “Red’s Untold Tale”, which will be released September 22nd, 2015. In this story (written by Wendy Toliver), readers travel back in time to follow Red/Ruby’s (played by Meghan Ory) history in more detail than was offered on the show. Judging by the description, this story takes place ... Read More »

GRIMM FINALE RECAP: Cry Havoc, indeed!

Grimm - Season 4

Grimm 4.22 Cry Havoc Nick, Trubel and Hank are still in Nick’s house, staring at his mother’s severed head [words I never wanted to EVER have to type!]. Trubel realizes that it is likely a trap and convinces an extremely distraught Nick to leave the house, right before Kenneth’s Hundjagers show up. Trubel shows Nick and Hank where she killed the other ... Read More »