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SLEEPY HOLLOW: Season Premiere Photos!

Sleepy Hollow - "Hellfire" season 2 premiere

Here we go, Sleepyheads! It seems like forever since we last saw Ichabod, Abbie and the gang, but the Sleepy Hollow season premiere is right around the corner and FOX has just released photos from the episode. They don’t tell us much, but isn’t it nice to see everyone again? (Except Irving who is still MIA.) The premiere is titled ... Read More »

GALAVANT: Ricky Gervais to Guest Star


Galavant just keeps getting better! EW announced today that ABC’s mid-season musical comedy has snagged Ricky Gervais for a guest starring role as a wizard named Xanax. Really. The series stars Joshua Sasse as the titular hero, who sets out on a quest for revenge against the king for stealing his true love—all set to music. Gervais will play a ... Read More »

ONCE UPON A TIME: Francis O’Connor Will Play Belle’s Mother


Once Upon a Time is finally going to delve into Belle’s past before she met Rumpelstiltskin. Playing her mother, Colette,  is the lovely and very talented Francis O’Connor. According to this, we’ll only get a glimpse of Colette in episode 6, but we may see more of her later in the season. If you’re wondering where you’ve seen that face ... Read More »

First Look at Allison Williams as “Peter Pan”


NBC is giving us a peek at Allison Williams in full Peter Pan garb for their live broadcast of that famed character. Peter has made a huge comeback in the entertainment industry, and with the success of the “Sound of Music Live” NBC quickly made plans to jump on his popularity. Bringing Christopher Walken on board as Capt. Hook took ... Read More »