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GRIMM RECAP: Mishipeshu


4.18 Mishipeshu Nothing like an awkward dinner party with Nick, Hank, Rosalee and Monroe as they attempt to avoid talking about Juliette, which lasts about 2 minutes as Nick is completely distraught because she’s stopped showing up for work and he can’t find her anywhere. Meanwhile, Juliette is acting out in a big way, wogeing and making a scene at ... Read More »

Disney’s FROZEN to Premiere on Broadcast TV in 2016


Elsa and Anna aren’t finished with their worldwide enchantment just yet. Disney has announced that they will premiere “Frozen” on broadcast television beginning in February, 2016. The popular film will air on ABC, ABC Family. Disney Channel, Disney XD and Disney Junior (dates to be announced). If you’re one of the few who haven’t been saturated by “Frozen”, the film, ... Read More »

INTO THE WOODS: Impression from Two Sets of Eyes


So as you know, I’ve been a fan of Into the Woods for years, but Liz watched for the first time recently and we figured that it was a perfect time to see the difference (if any) between a seasoned fan and a new one. Here we go – we went at some questions and went to town. Or the ... Read More »

GRIMM RECAP: Hibernaculum

Grimm - Season 4

4.17 Hibernaculum Nick is at home wallowing in self pity. Renard drags himself home after his battle with Prince Kenneth and is confronted by Juliette in his bedroom again. She wants to know where Adalind is so she can kill him. She also apparently wants to seduce Renard, although we don’t actually see if the deed is done or not. ... Read More »

GRIMM: The Frog and the Prince {Recap}

Grimm - Season 4

Grimm 4.16 Heartbreaker Juliette storms into Renard’s luxe bedroom, waking him, in a rage because she didn’t find any info in the book she opened with her blood. She threatens him if he can’t help her get her life back. She isn’t returning Nick’s calls and he finally tells Hank about her new identity. Meanwhile, the Wesen of the Week is a ... Read More »