COMIC CON 2017: Entering the “New” World of Once Upon a Time

On the third day of Comic Con 2017, Once Upon a Time was the first panel to be held in Ballroom 20, featuring returning lead actors Colin O’Donoghue, Lana Parrilla and Robert Carlyle, executive producers Eddy Kitsis, Adam Horowitz and David H. Goodman and new cast members Gabrielle Anwar, Andrew J. West and Dania Ramirez. Naturally, the first question aimed ... Read More »

AMERICAN GODS Roundtable: Come to Jesus

And that concludes the first season of American Gods! What a crazy wonderful, crazy first season. Our thoughts are below, be sure to let us know what you think in the comments. I feel like things were just getting started at the end – were you all satisfied with this first season? Do you wish more had happened? Do you ... Read More »

Mad Sweeney (Pablo Schreiber) made me cry tonight. Let’s start with the ending first! May we all be so blessed in life to to be escorted out of this life into the next by our own dark leprechaun. How awesome was the end of life scene with Essie? Alex: I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the final Coming to America, ... Read More »

AMERICAN GODS: “A Murder of Gods” {Roundtable}

This week on American Gods we met Vulcan (guest star Corbin Bernson), watched the hijinks of Laura (Emily Browning) and Mad Sweeney (Pablo Schreiber), and are not edging closer to what sort of battle Mr. Wednesday (Ian McShane) and the new gods. Thing One: How do you feel about this Coming to America? Mynda: They are beginning to fill in ... Read More »

Summer Fairy Tale Binge List

Ah, summer! Hot sunny days, warm nights, and most of your favorite shows on hiatus until fall. You know what that means – binge time! The chance to watch absurd amounts of shows that you missed the first time around or want to rewatch without getting behind on your current shows. Your neighbors won’t *really* care that you haven’t mowed ... Read More »

4 Wonderfully Weird Moments from American Gods ‘Lemon Scented You’

This series is truly divine! We are five episodes in to American Gods and it continues to gain momentum. Tonight’s ‘Lemon Scented You’ seduces us with yet another dark, surprisingly beautiful visual feast wrapped around a tantalizing tale. Below are four wonderfully weird moments which were a joy to behold. 1. Laura’s Brutal True Confession & Resurrection Moment Shadow (Ricky ... Read More »

AMERICAN GODS Roundtable: Lemon Scented You

Starz continues to bring us a beautifully shot, confusing at times but brilliantly crazy show. See what we had to say about it and let us know what you thought in the comments below. The Coming to America scene is different from others in that it’s animated and showing us a god who has been completely forgotten. We’re also seeing ... Read More »

American Gods – Laura Moon OWNS her Life, Death & Hereafter!

In tonight’s  American Gods episode ‘Git Gone’, fans were  treated to the wonderfully gruesome backstory of Laura Moon. And, folks this is one wonderfully complicated woman. Previously all we knew about Laura was the manner of her death. Tonight we learned the details of her life and how one decision, led to it’s devastating and and absurd end as well ... Read More »

AMERICAN GODS Roundtable: Git Gon

American Gods is still one hell of a trip and even though this episode was full of backstory and some answers we have more questions. Check out what we had to say below. 1. We finally got our Shadow and Laura backstory, and I have to say, Laura was not at all what I was expecting. Were you surprised by ... Read More »

Review: Still Star-Crossed

Still Star-Crossed is a new show that premieres MONDAY, MAY 29 (10:01-11:00 p.m. EDT), on ABC. Here’s the official description of the show: In the wake of Romeo and Juliet’s tragic deaths, the Montague and Capulet rivalry escalates. A new royal takes the throne in Verona and struggles to determine what is best for his city, which is at the epicenter of ... Read More »